The reasons for this are:

1. Marriage is too old

(2) separation from husband and wife

(3) The business of business men

(4) Women are poor and cannot accept their life

(5) Loving home without love

6. Don’t get married

(7) childbearing;

8. Genetically aggressive

9. Drinking alcohol and alcohol

10. The craving for pleasure, however, is the root cause of the “craving”.

Every human is naturally attracted to the new and wants to try it out.

Just as a girl’s natural beauty can be drowsy when it comes to beauty and self-pity, it can be traumatic and traumatic because it feels compassionate and painful.

In some cases, a husband and wife have had a difficult time with life, and some have suffered from the loss of their lives.

Innocent children are grounded, and adulterers suffer from nosebleeds.

Most of the culprits who committed adultery were from the witch-hunts, and by some chiropractors, they wanted to temporarily relocate their family to the nesting world.

When a moment of ignorance and self-indulgence is dulled by a moment of despair, it becomes darker and a darker shadow of the future of the children, when the moment of self-pity comes with a moment of regret.

I think there is nothing more than just nodding my head in error.

Take it for love. Get your partner in the best possible way. If you can’t tolerate it, instead of choosing the gateway of defamation, I think that breaking the law is a beautiful and life-changing history of your life.