Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Mandalay is about to be celebrated in an unprecedented way.

It is a joy to love, not a drop of water.

Mandalay City has a tradition of Thingyan. The city that loves Thingyan It’s an innovative city.

Walkway Thingyan was created in Mandalay. People of all races, nationalities, religions People of all ages We enjoy the peace of mind as we walk in peace and happiness, both rich and poor.

When this year’s Thingyan festival is celebrated, most people will have to stay in their own homes for the prevention of Covid’s disease. It is a time for people to shun people.

This year’s Thingyan is celebrated by all Burmese. ALL OF THE WORLD COVID-away from the world!

All Myanmar citizens; May the whole world pray for peace and happiness.

According to the human nature of the practice, the water may be thirsty.

Even if you have to drink water, I would like to give it a shot of coconut oil for children to play with.

The coconut palm is not playing with water throughout the Thingyan period.

The weather is very hot.

If contaminated with water that has been contaminated, Covid’s disease may have led to suspicion.

It is best not to get sick at this time.

No one of your children will ever want to be a suspect.

At Thingyan There are people who have to leave the house for a reason or a reason not to leave.

If these people get sick from being dehydrated, they have to suffer because others are suffering.

In this week, all the people in the capital, from the beginning to the end of the world, need to keep up with all the water.

When it comes to the water player, try to keep it open by the knowledgeable adults.

Let’s join the Thingyan this year with a special “Waterless Thing Thing”.