Mask student created for the hearing impaired

As you all know, today is the scarcity of medical supplies worldwide due to the devastation of the Coronavirus. In this case, you will find a lot of self-generated masks due to a critical Mask virus.

Among her own Mask creators around the world, including Ashley Lawrence, an American university student, the Mask she created is different. Because Ashley’s Mask is designed for the deaf. Ashley Lawrence’s creation, which recognizes the need to create a special Mask for the hearing impaired, is a huge need for the social care community as the Corona virus expands.

Ashley Lawrence is currently separated from her parents and is studying Deaf Education at Eastern Kentucky University. The 21-year-old Ashley Lawrence was thinking of making a special mask for the hearing impaired as the Corona virus spread around the world. She said she had been planning the Mask project since the disaster of the Coronas.

Ashley Lawrence has found that many of the Mask products found on social networking sites such as facebook are for ordinary people. For hearing-impaired people, dealing with people who have masks can be a problem. “That’s why my creativity came about,” he said during a meeting with Lex 18 Media.

Ashley Lawrence started to ask for help when she launched her exclusive Mask for the Deaf. Her mother-in-law, Mask, used two plastic masks to create hearing aids.

It is very important for deaf people to be able to clearly see the lips of the speaker during the United States’ sign and oral communications. We were very emotional when I realized that the masks I created would be over in a few moments. “In fact, the language of the hearing impaired people is much lower than my Mask buyers,” added Lawrence Lawrence.