There are a lot of times you have to wait, thinking that you will call. It’s been a long night

Sleep has fallen. After all this, he didn’t even pick up any phone calls.

The last person to start the phone with himself was worried about whether it would be better to be angry or upset

Sometimes she would think that she would be tired.

Sometimes you have to lie to yourself and think that you are going to feel bad.

In fact, a person’s temper does not always involve busyness.

It has a lot to do with not being important to him.

How long does it take to send a small message saying I’m tired of the reason being too busy?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Call?

I want to be more than happy with her, rather than thinking that she is not a depressing woman.

Don’t think extra, I love how much I love it.

The night I was alone was the only time I had ever been alone with the thought of not loving me.

No one knows how many days I cried, knowing that I wasn’t paying attention.

Me. . . . Whenever I love you, I want you to pay more attention to it.

Not so much, but a little. When he was energetic, he no longer wanted the late nights and thoughts of calling.

When you fall asleep, the days when you fall asleep will call.

I don’t want to think anymore about how often she thinks she will live with her.

Was I just not worthy of attention? It is not enough to just say a word or really love.