From the nine sects of the Sangha

The Sangha is a Buddhist monastery in 1341. The following groups of monks have been identified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs for the last Friday (1 st, 1980, 1 st, 1980).

(1) Dharma sects

(2) Goldsmiths

(3) The Dhamma Nun Dhamma Dhamma Dharma Meditation

(4) The Dhamma Nirvana or the original Dhamma

(5) West Side Dynasty

(6) serenity of mind;

(7) The septum of the Great Dhamma is a sect of the Great Dhamma

(8) Gangs of Vesuvius

(9) The Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma.

(1) Dharma sects

In Thyatira, Sakka, the king, ruled the cases in the Dhamma shrine. According to this tradition, the kings of Burma called religious affairs a place called the “Dharma”. The teachers who are allowed to attend the meeting are called “Dharmas.” When monks were united, all monks were under the control of the monks. Non-sectarian monks were called Dhamma when the monarchy split up. Now, the other eight non-sectarian monks are called the Dharma sect.

The present state of mind; The head of the bishop is the 90-year-old monk. The 70-year-old bhikkhu, Dr. Bhaddanta Bodhman, was a monk. Abhisit Vejjajiva and Abhisit Vejjajiva, the chairman of the National Sangha Presidency of the Sangha, were awarded the title. Mandalay Region Mandalay He spent the day at Bhamo monastery.