Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Case No. 30 is not an anesthetist at Pyay Hospital

Insert the tube from the ventilator into the patient’s (now deceased) respiratory tract

At least two or three doctors are needed.

But if she was touched, she would be worried that she would lose her powers as well as her age.

Deciding to touch her, she entered the patient’s room alone

Attempting to put a tube in the throat twice, but failed.

Not seeing her, she finally decided that it would be okay to take off her protective goggles.

She was trying to save the patient’s life by knowing she could copy the COVID-19.

Goggles is only seen when she is discharged and knows that if she does, she may be infected

How great it is to have the strength and determination to save an anesthetist’s patient!

If she is suffering from a medical condition and has signed a ventilator, it is not recommended.

In other words, if the ventilator is installed, it can infect the operator.

With all our citizens with an anesthesiologist at Pyay Hospital

Doctors from all over the country I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the nurses, nurses and health workers at the bottom.