A person of integrity does not mistreat himself. He does not mistreat others.

It is because of the lack of integrity in the world.

Those who have no integrity are constantly making themselves miserable.

This means that those who are unfaithful are always depressed.

People are depressed because they have no integrity.

I was just thinking about the lack of integrity.

You have to think about the things that hurt you.

Thoughts are always in the heart of an unfaithful person.

It is not because of any good ideas that come in. Often bad thoughts come into play.

Most people think only of the bad.

When I think about the bad, I feel back to the problems I have experienced and feel sad.

In those cases, he had no idea what my grandson was and what he was like.

He thought of what I thought of me and how he felt about me.

It is not enough to just keep in mind. I talk to my surroundings.

When was the last time I had a problem, how was I, and what was he thinking.

As a result, your body is exposed to heat.

Once again, he came to the person who had the problem.

Thus, a person who has no integrity is not at peace with himself. I’m always depressed.

They also cause frustration in the environment.

This is a serious consideration.

A person who is never comfortable with himself can never make others happy.

A person who is constantly depressed himself will always make others miserable.

Say it. At home, the head of the household is angry.

If you get frustrated for some reason, do you try to find out why the people in your home are being rude?

So if the head of the household is angry, shouldn’t the family in the house be upset?

So I didn’t feel good about myself, so I became depressed.

I’m not happy. I’m sad. But it’s impossible to want to keep you happy.

If you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, you don’t always make yourself happy.

The integrity person never lets himself down.

I never let myself hurt myself.

So integrity in the world is the highest

The monk, thinking of the monk, went into the forest and did the monkhood.

Then, when he died, he came to Brahma.

Sayadaw Sayadaw (Buddha Parish)